Security. A good job to be in?



The people who’s job it is to keep things safe on the internet are busy. In years to come they are going to be busier. They are going to need help.

Here’s five (recent) reasons why:

  1. Adobe has issued a critical update to fix a problem with Flash that could ‘potentially allow an attacker to take control…’ We all use Flash. It’s the technology web browsers use for showing video and playing games. YouTube would be nowhere without it.
  2. Java, which is used everywhere, including for apps on Android phones, keeps getting hacked. The latest breach is described by Ars Technica: “Hackers are exploiting a previously unknown and currently unpatched vulnerability in the latest version of Java”
  3. Evernote just announced a likely hack of their systems, exposing user details including (encrypted) passwords. Evernote is used by millions of people to store and share notes.
  4. Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and Apple have all recently admitted that employees systems have been compromised.
  5. And it’s not just software. Systems that control physical devices have also been hacked recently.

Internet security. A good job to get into. Don’t believe me? Just ask Dave when you see him next.

Photo credit: xserve

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